Location : Dzogblakopé village, some 20kms from Lomé.

Partnership : This project is led through a close partnership with the association of rural grouping AGRO-DR.

Person in charge : Antoine Dzamah

Situation: The rural environment is experiencing considerable difficulties in Togo, in particular with the use of rudimentary methods without caring about environmental issues. As a consequence, it causes a massive rural exodus of the young people, those who remain are not willing to do an agricultural activity. It is necessary to train young farmers to encourage them to stay at the village for its economic survival.

Aims :

Activities : The activities aim at providing a training and a theoretical and technical support with the setting up of training sessions of 2 to 3 years for the youth (building work or carpentry). Sichem has 4 sectors (reception, building, breeding, vegetal production) divided in 20 sections of 3 or 4 workers. Training courses to help the creation of economic activities for young people; thematic sessions for farmers; follow up and support; vaccination campaign for animals; organization of visiting and sharing days.

Volunteers These last 3 years : about 40

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