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Volunteer for the World :

Volunteer for the World is part of Fondacio and helps young people commit for a world with more solidarity by being a volunteer for development programs. Volunteers for the World make it easy to meet and become friends with people all over the world.
Each year, around a hundred young people get involved to develop solidarity projects. These missions are meant for all those who are looking for a strong human experience and want to get involved in a strong organization, with a meaningful project.

Volunteering :

Volunteering…what is it ? Lots of people talk about it…But what is it really ?
From the meeting with former volunteers or local organizations to consciousness raising about intercultural and religious issues, thinking for a while about its own representations turns out useful. Here as well, volunteers for the world suggest meeting with some humanitarian workers and provide bibliographic sources.

Volunteering has a real impact on the world. Welcoming volunteers is very positive for the projects and the beneficiaries. Beyond immediate efficiency, what comes out of it is friendship, solidarity and sharing.

Beyond giving skills and financing, volunteering helps build bridges between rich and poor countries, between different cultures. Inserting volunteers in local communities is also encouraged.

How to become a volunteer

Send an application form to Volunteers for the world. ( This form will let us know your preference (where you would like to go, when, and the type of mission you are interested in). You should send it to us together with a curriculum and a cover letter, explaining how this project was born, your motivations and expectations.

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