The different volunteering experiences

Introductive volunteering: 1 month

These work camps take place in Africa and Latin America and last one month. It is the occasion to live a unique experience with local people, and to give a real support to a project. You will take part in the construction or the renovation of infrastructures essential to the populations (schools, health or training centers,…) while living a real personal path.

Volunteering of sharing of skills: 3 to 11 months

These missions are organized depending on local needs and on the skills that the volunteer can give to the project. They are a chance for volunteers to discover the world through a useful experience and concrete actions with social, economical or educative actions…The length is adapted depending on the volunteer’s wishes and the project’s needs, from 3 to 11 months.

Volunteering for International solidarity : 12 to 24 months

The missions take place in countries where Fondacio is active, if the safety imperatives are ensured. The volunteers are hosted by local responsible of Fondacio and are under their responsibility during their stay. The needs are numerous and varied. Some are clearly identified and require many volunteers, while others are more occasional. That’s why we don’t have prescheduled missions, needs can come out of an attractive or atypical application.
However, some positions are permanent. The most frequent needs are for accompanying very underprivileged people (street children, disabled people,…), and the help to structures already existing (schools, orphanages, clinics,…).