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Number 6

Religious context in Roumania

Romania will welcome us for the Congress next May. A good opportunity to know
more about its religious context....p.2

Dare to dare ! It’s possible!

Hugo and Virginie de Crombrugghe, their four children, are leaving for Chile as
volunteers for Fondacio. They tell us the motivations of their choice.... p.4

“Conversing” with one’s tradition

In the perspective of our coming Congress whose theme is “Fondacio, 40 years, a
path, a promise” we propose two texts : Father Ph.Lécrivain, s.j. gives us indications
on how religious institutions can place themselves in their tradition, and Father
J.Costadoat s.j. goes back to Vatican II Council’s contributions… p.13

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Number 5

The mission “the couple and the family” in Asia

Sylvie Barth, coordinator of this axis of Fondacio mission met the Asian-
Team. They witness to this shared experience. p.2

Our partners discovering development projects

Fondacio organized a trip to Togo to enable a few partners and sponsors
of Fondacio to understand better the reality of its development and solidarity
projects. p.4

Inculturation : a challenge for evangelization

Introduction by Charles Bertille, then two persons witness of the stakes
of inculturation in their ministry. They tell us their vision and their experience
through the prism of the culture in which they live. p.13

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Number 4

First international meeting of the people responsible for the young at Fondacio

About forty people responsible of missions or acting in projects for the
“Young” at Fondacio met at Angers...p.2

Ange is 10 years old !

For 10 years, the project Ange works in favour of destitute children in Togo,
a beautiful exemple of a serious , a long term work, in order to shape self sufficient

A major challenge : transmission

Two Speakers , Marguerite Léna, a philosopher, a specialist in education
and Charles Bertille, a member of the Council of Fondacio and head of Fondacio
Asia, tell us what they think about it…p.10

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Number 3

A major event for the community

A “première” : The country heads, continent coordinators and Fondacio’s
missions representatives met with the International Council in march ...p.2

Fighting exclusion : innering a radical change of perception

What is our look on poors and excluded people ? ATD-Quart Monde help
us to get a radical change of perception ... Food for thought!...p.12

How did I become a fire-breather ?

Maud Lillette spend six months as a Fondacio’s volunteer in Colombia. She
tells us her experience out in the field...p.4

L’axe solidarité en France

Solidarity and social insertion programs in France

Work camps and street tramps : two main projects explained by Benoît Akkaoui,
in charge of the solidarity projects for Fondacio France ...p.6

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Number 2

“Work, a blessing”

Constraint or blessing, how do we consider work ? Alain Deleu
a committed actor in trade unions, tells us what he thinks… p.10

An event :first pastoral visit in Japan

C.Bertille, in charge of Fondacio Asia and F.Prouteau, vice-president
of Fondacio, accompanied Chieko Hirao, permanent staff member of
Fondacio, in a very promising visit for Fondacio’s future….p.3

Stilts or how to learn to stand up.

In Columbia where youth’s criminality is one of the highest in the
world, Oasis project tends to prevent violence through programs whose
activities symbolize the building work of the human being done by Fondacio.
Zoom on … p.6

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Number 1

A new step for Fondacio Canada

For the last few months, Fondacio Canada has become important under the
leadership of a new Head of Mission. His portrait on page 3

The University of the Tropics: an unprecedented event!

People in charge of Fondacio Benin hosted last August more than fifty
people from surrounding countries to experience the first edition of the University
of the Tropics. Focus on ... page 4

“Migrants, a future to build together.”

Hot topic in Europe as well as in other continents . Every day the question
of “living together different.” is denounced. The 85th Social Week has chosen
this theme, it was a good opportunity to ask Jean Pierre Rosa to throw light on
the subject. See page 8

We give voice to the author of the Epistle to Diognetus

In order to extend your reflexion, we offer you the Epistle to
Diognetus written in the early years of the Christian era. This letter
has travelled down centuries without a wrinkle or lose its relevance ...
Read page 10