Fondacio is an international movement based on a Christian community. Those who participate in Fondacio’s life and activities wish to build a more human world and share, with those wishing to, what gives meaning to their lives. The community gathers some 3000 people, sharing the same spirituality – live in the following of Jesus-Christ, loving the world and serving its people. A network of 10.000 other people supports its mission and help to spread it around the world (get to know more about Fondacio’s spirituality).

In the service of mankind

Fondacio aims at helping people develop themselves and become independent. Our actions are based on a vision of the human being and on the belief that paying special attention to the harmonious development of each one of us must take into account each aspect of its being (psychical, intellectual and spiritual).
Their development aims at letting each one become an actor of its life and become deeply involved in society.
Fondacio offers and leads times of prayers and reflection, meeting and exchange places, training sessions, as well as economic, social and educative development programs.

Fondacio across the world…

Fondacio is active in more than 20 countries worldwide and on 4 continents, experiencing different backgrounds, including several countries where Christians are a minority. These situations encourage us to take into account the diversity of cultures and beliefs in the way we get involved.