Fondacio’s spirituality

Fondacio was created 40 years ago in the trend of the Second Vatican Council and the will to open to the world then spread in the Church. The community at the heart of Fondacio gathers Christians united in a shared spirituality. Their faith animates their daily life and the way they are involved in society. They want to follow the message of the Gospel of Jesus-Christ and share it. They commit to living a Christian life, giving priority, on the personal level, to daily prayer and training. They often gather for common times for joint moments of sharing, training and service to others.

People involved in Fondacio wish to live a spirituality based on :

A blessing spirit : they believe in man’s dignity and in the beauty of Creation. Full of faith and hope, they wish to take part in God’s creative work.

Friendship with the world and duty : she wishes to serve men, like the Christ.

Listening and being faithful to the Holy Spirit : they want to be involved in its action, a source of unity in each one’s life.

A will to build communion between Men, in particular in ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue.