Couples and Families

For each one of us, our whole life is based on our family life. The quality of relationships in the couples and families plays an important role on the future of humanity. The stake –on all continents- is to help couples’ love last and go through difficulties thanks to dialogue, ability to forgive and keep on having constructive relations.

Fondacio offers them to :

Some of our offers :
• Training courses on different topics : couple dialogue, language of love, how to live your sexuality, the couple in the Bible…
• Small groups of sharing meeting regularly
Some programs include a spiritual offer and can babysit children.

« I discovered how much true dialogue is strong and essential…I realize that a situation that seems to be blocked is not always so.»

« When we arrived, we were going through a crisis…we are now going with concrete elements that will enable us to make the benefits of this reunion last.»

«We arrived almost as strangers, with our children on the side, and we are now leaving reunited, as couple and family.»

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