Seniors and Elders

A longer life, a better follow-up of health state lead more and more people to wonder what their life is going to be like during these new steps of old age.

Accompany the entrance to these new steps if a real stake. The purpose is to give a meaning to the coming years, to invent a new lifestyle, to find a new relational balance in family and within society, to choose one’s commitments. Fondacio offers sessions and sharing groups, respecting one’s beliefs and experiences, with special offers to accompany this special moment when one retires, and later old age.

Some of our offers :
• For those who are living or about to live retirement : “Re-treat My Life » : with sessions of 5 days each year or with one day of each week all year long.
• Community groups « Seniors » and « Elders».

« Retirement has become a hope, a freedom to seize and not only the end of something. The various activities offered by Fondacio have helped me to take decisions. I have taken in consideration all my questions, in particular the balance between self sacrifice and finally take care of myself. »

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