Responsible in the society

Globalization, human, social, ecological and economic cost of our decisions : the public of the economic and politic authorities is under an intense and unique amount of constraints. In the discharge of our responsibilities, how to gather performances and fullness of the human beings ? How to live our professional and family commitments in accordance with our yearnings and the gospel spirit ?

Fondacio wish to suggest reflection and exchange times to step back, to share with his peers the questions and the difficulties of the daily performance of our responsibilities to be and act in harmony.
Fondacio’s events attempt to make more coherent and unified the life of the persons in charge, frequently split between their professional activities and their social and family life.

Some events as examples:
• Seminars for leaders in Lérins (France) based on the subject of «perfomances in companies…and after ?» (Organize in partnership with the monks of Lérins’s island)
• Evenings of testimonies and sharing
• Leaders fraternities interested in the question of the responsibilty and the decision making.
• Community groups « Player in the community » which gathers people committed into various kind of professional life or active retirement.

«The return to the unity between « the man of action » responsible in the economic world, and “the son of god” was long and hard. It happened by accepting a new intimacy with the Christ .I found out things about me whom I ignored : prejudices, fears, lame excuses, but as well an inner and untapped wealth, locked by my life.»

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