We were nearly 200 people from 23 countries following the CoLive Journey ""From Easter to Pentecost, let's connect our energies  
to be active leaven of hope for the world."" We are planning a final bouquet - widely open to people who did not follow the course - on the eve of Pentecost through 3 identical meetings:

English-speaking from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm (Paris time).
French speakers from 15h-17h (Paris time)
Spanish speakers from 18h-20h (Paris time)

On the program for these 2 hours: 

  • Songs, prayer and testimonies from different parts of the world in the breath of Pentecost...
  • A zoom on the fruits of the journey and the call received to commit ourselves to the world and integral ecology. 
  • A time of exchange in a small international group to get close to the different new situations. 

Depending on the languages you speak, you can register in the slot of your choice to participate. There will also be a live broadcast on Fondacio's Youtube channel, but without direct participation.              

For everyone, registration is compulsory before May 24th on the Google Form link:

This registration will allow us to send you the ZOOM link of the meeting and to set up the small groups. 

For the CoLive team 
François Prouteau, Nicolas Cordier, Yvonne Altorfer 


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