Act with us

Act with us

Together, we will succeed in building a more humane and just world ! . Everyone can contribute to this, in any of the ways below. 

Fondacio lives essentially from the generosity of a network of people and contributors, close or distant, who are sensitive to Fondacio's actions and projects in their country or around the globe. 

These people or contributors collaborate in the development of Fondacio's activities according to their specific situation, tastes, skills, availability, geographical proximity to one of Fondacio's centres in the world. 

This collaboration can be carried out in various ways:

Donations in cash, or in the form of patronage, or in the form of material or immovable property, to support Fondacio's projects and operations; 

Time and skills volunteered to participate in one or other of Fondacio's activities or in its functioning (volunteering); 

• Skills made available to Fondacio's projects abroad (foreign volunteering); 

A professional life committed to Fondacio's missions in a particular form called "permanence". 

To all those who are already working with us and to those who will join us, Fondacio and all its leaders are fully grateful to them.

To learn more about Fondacio's activities, go to the 'Areas of activities' page .