Become foreigner volunteer

Become foreign volunteer

International volunteering supports development projects
and facilitates friendships between people from different countries.

Live a foreign volunteer experience

International Volunteering, a service offered by Fondacio, is aimed at volunteers who wish to work for a more united world and help them to integrate development projects. 

Every year, about a hundred-young people get involved in the development of solidarity projects for Fondacio. These missions are aimed at all those who are looking for a strong human experience and who wish to integrate a solid organization with a meaningful project.

“Before I started working and worked for years without stopping, I wanted to take a break and see another reality. I thought it was important and I had wanted to leave France a long time ago to give a little bit of my time. And actually, I'm actually the one who wins here.”

Quitterie, foreign volunteer in Oasis, Colombia. (Video link Infocus Oasis)

International volunteering with Fondacio 

It is characterized by:

  • its diverse mission: education, health, humanitarian... 
  • its diversity of duration: short, medium or long stays  
  • its diversity of destinations: Africa, South America or Asia
  • its support: before, during and after the mission, reinforced by the local presence of Fondacio members, which allows direct contact with the populations.

work for a more united world

Every year, about a hundred-young people get involved in the development of solidarity projects for Fondacio. These missions are aimed at all those who are looking for a strong human experience with a meaningful project.

Some of our partners

To prepare or support volunteers, Fondacio works in close collaboration with: 

  • France Volontaires
  • La Guilde
  • La Délégation Catholique pour la Coopération (DCC)
  • Le Service de Coopération et de Développement
  • Le Comité de Liaison des ONG de volontariat
  • Intercordia


Before committing: what questions to ask yourself?

Everyone must ask themselves what are the real motivations that drive them to act in this direction. 

Why? Because volunteering is an intense experience that requires real personal work before, during and after the mission. This work on oneself is an integral part of the mission process.

What are the causes that affect you the most?

Who do you want to help in particular?

What are your skills, your availability, your real motivations?

What kind of work would best suit your personality?

Do you want to stay in France or go abroad?

The different types of volunteering

Initiation volunteering: 1 month - One month in Africa or Latin America. It is an opportunity to experience a unique adventure in contact with local populations, and to provide concrete support to a project. You will participate in the construction or renovation of infrastructure essential to the population (schools, health centers, training centers, etc.) while living a real personal journey.

Competence exchange volunteering: 3 to 11 months - These missions are organized according to local needs and the skills that the volunteer can bring to the project. They allow volunteers to discover the world through useful experience and concrete actions of a social, economic, educational nature... The duration is adapted according to the wishes expressed by the volunteer and the needs of the project, it can go from three months to two years.

International Solidarity Volunteering: 12 to 24 months - Missions take place in the countries where Fondacio is present, provided that security requirements are met. Volunteers are received by Fondacio's local managers and are under their responsibility throughout their stay. The needs are many and varied. Some are easily identified and require a regular flow of volunteers, others are more ad hoc. Thus, we do not have any standard missions, and the needs may arise from an application with an atypical or attractive profile. However, there are positions available on a permanent basis. The most frequent needs concern the support of very poor people (street children, the handicapped...), and the support of existing structures (schools, orphanages, dispensaries...).

Conditions to leave with Fondacio

Be over 18 years of age at the time of the mission.

The missions we propose are part of Fondacio, a Christian structure aimed at a wide audience. It is desirable that our volunteers, without having to be believers, know and share a minimum of values (listening, welcoming otherness, sharing and giving of oneself) to feel comfortable in the places of destination.

A desire to be open to a different culture and way of life.

Proof of a competence that can be put into practice in one of the mission areas proposed by Fondacio.

Be able to adapt to new living conditions, to work in a team.

Be able to speak Spanish if you want to carry out a mission in Latin America, English if you want to go to Asia.

Be willing to undertake a fundraising process, as Fondacio cannot provide the necessary funds to all volunteers. We support you in this process and help you to achieve this mission. We attach particular importance to the financing of everyone's project. We believe that fundraising is an integral part of everyone's project.

Before leaving for a long period, Volontariat International sets up training courses to help volunteers prepare for their mission. We also offer support in your administrative procedures: passport, visa, vaccinations... It is necessary to allow 6 to 9 months between your application and the date of your departure.



Foreign Volunteer in the Philippines

I flew for a year of volunteering in the Philippines with the Fondacio association. I have put my marketing and communication skills to work on the association's various projects: Green Pastures, IFFASIA and YLDC.

Three projects with the common mission of helping the most disadvantaged young people to access training in order to offer them a bright future.

This experience was unforgettable! A year full of smiles, discoveries and learning with the human being at the heart of the projects. Thank you Fondacio! I am already dreaming of returning to the Philippines to reconnect with everyone we met.



foreign volunteer at Oasis Fondacio in Colombia

After 9 months in Oasis, I can only see the chance I had to work in an "open house" where actors from all countries and all generations meet.

Living at the rhythm of a neighbourhood like this one, trying to understand such a different reality and having the chance to share a little bit of the daily life of the inhabitants, it is also a way of learning humility.



foreign volunteer in Fondacio, Chile

Volunteering in Fondacio... Quite an adventure! Arrived for 6 months in Fondacio Chile, I will have finally stayed there for 2 years! I was won over by the simple generosity of the Chilean welcome, by the strength of the encounters I experienced in the underprivileged district in which I live and by the contagious enthusiasm that the social projects developed in Fondacio generate. These two years were a permanent learning experience, both in professional, human and personal terms. I come out with new or strengthened skills, an openness to the world, a greater self-confidence, a tenfold social awareness and motivation, a search for and enhancement of simplicity.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be able to live this enriching experience in every way.