Become volunteer

Become volunteer

To give is to receive. It is what is experienced by the many volunteers who give a part of their time for Fondacio's activities, projects and services.

Thousands of people all over the world are involved in Fondacio's projects and activities. They bring their skills, their availability, their joy, but above all their heart. This is what allows Fondacio to offer so many proposals to so many different audiences.

These volunteers, may or may not be involved in Fondacio; they may give an hour, a half-day, a day or more depending on their availability and desire, occasionally (for example for a summer camp, a session, a training, an event,...) or regularly (in a project, a service,...). Together with Fondacio's employees, they represent the driving forces of the movement without which Fondacio could not develop.

We sincerely thank them for that!

You too can join us and give us a hand, your time and your know-how so that Fondacio's projects and activities continue to develop all over the world.

We need your help!

Marc Fornari

Volunteer for more than 28 years in Fondacio

"Give and you will receive". This is exactly how I feel through my volunteer work at Fondacio.

My life journey is deeply marked by all these years as a volunteer (for more than 28 years) which have nourished and made me grow, both personally and in terms of Faith, and which have made me involved in the world in a new way. I learned kindness, listening to others, and compassion sometimes; I live my relationships differently and have experienced teamwork a lot where everyone is where they belong.

I have discovered other countries, other cultures across borders, other ways of seeing things, but always with the same ardent Faith in common.

I have a deep gratitude for all the people who have called me to a responsibility, at one point, sometimes to my great surprise. For me, to be at the service of others through Fondacio is to be at the service of the One who enlightens me and makes me progress, sometimes even with audacity.

john doe

john doe

Volunteer in Oasis Colombia

"We shared very strong moments at work, joy, cooperation and a great physical requirement that pushed us beyond our limits. Families received more than a material gift, a fraternal sharing.” 

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john doe

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john doe

Senior Volonteer