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 75% of Fondacio's annual world budget comes from financial donations, without which Fondacio could not survive, let alone develop.

Why giving?

Fondacio's annual world budget is around 8 million euros, including the promotion of volunteers. We can only sincerely thank all the donors and patrons who enable our movement to act on the ground, with Fondacio's target audiences, and to continue. 

The many projects and actions carried out by Fondacio around the world are grouped into four programs in terms of fundraising:

Education and youth: this programme covers all actions with young people including sessions and camps organised for young people (from 12 to 30 years old) and training. The programme also includes solidarity actions carried out in some countries to enable young children and young people to benefit from schooling (schools and tutoring) or to be reintegrated into society. 

Couples and families: the aim is to enable couples to communicate better, take care of themselves and better know how to deal with difficulties in their relationships or in the education of their children. 

Solidarity in the social and humanitarian fields: the field of solidarity reaches many audiences in many fields. Education of course (see above: schools, tutoring, reintegration of street youth) but also health (fight against AIDS, or malaria, medicinal herbs), vocational training and social entrepreneurship (farm-schools, YLDC centres, housing (construction and renovation of housing), integral ecology (solar collectors, actions for the planet), sanitation and water (wells), etc.

Actors at the heart of the world: this concerns all those who wish to discover and develop their vocation by putting more meaning into their lives. And thus to be fully "an actor of change in the world, a spark in the heart of the world". To this end, a range of training courses are offered to them. In particular, within the Institutes of Formation Fondacio, which aim to reveal the talents of young people in vocational research. 

To carry out all these programmes, Fondacio relies of course on many volunteers, but also on people who commit their professional lives to the service of Fondacio's mission:

The permanents of Fondacio: these are employees who devote their professional lives to Fondacio's mission and who are asked to finance (in whole or in part) their salary costs in the form of "sponsorship".

Foreign Volunteers: people with recognised competence who commit themselves for a fixed period (6 months to 2 years) to a specific project in a country outside their usual place of residence (often in another continent). These people also need financial support to finance all or part of the costs of their mission.

Supporting one of our projects, or sponsoring a permanent or volunteer are of major importance to support Fondacio's mission. Finally, as in any organisation, Fondacio has structural costs to enable it to operate (premises, general services, travel, events, etc.): contributing to these structural costs is also a real way of supporting Fondacio in its missions.

nothing could exist without you

We can only sincerely thank all the donors and patrons
who enable our movement to act on the ground, and to continue.

How to do this?

Here again, multiple modalities are possible depending on the specific situation of each individual and whether it is an individual or an organization.

Some of the most common are:

  • Financial donations, of variable amounts (generally limited), paid regularly or on an ad hoc basis, which may be unallocated (leaving the choice of the best allocation to Fondacio) or dedicated to a particular project.

  • Patronage, which concerns more important values and can be done in cash but also in other forms such as material goods (equipment), real estate (buildings, land), or human resources (skills sponsorship). Patronage does not require a counterpart.

  • Bequest: it allows a person to transfer part of his or her property to an organization (or another person) by will after his or her death.


Other modalities are possible but are technically more complex and are addressed to specialists. Contact us if necessary.

To make a donation, you must contact the Fundraising Department of the country where you live, or one of the officials in the country.

In France, an online donation site exists, and donations can be made directly online, including for projects located in a foreign country.

Tax benefits

In some countries (France, Belgium), tax benefits are authorized by the Government, which allows a portion of the donations made to be deducted from its taxes. For example, in France, Fondacio being a recognised public utility organisation, donations made are deductible either from Income Tax, IFI tax or Corporate Income Tax. Refer to the tax laws in force in each country.

Traceability of the use of donations

When the donor or patron dedicates the donation to a specific project or action, the funds received are effectively allocated according to the donor's wishes. If no specific allocation is desired, Fondacio allocates the sums according to needs and priorities. In all cases, reporting is carried out and the allocation of donations is tracked. In countries where Fondacio has a strong presence and relies on an associative and legal organisation, the accounts are certified and the annual financial report is available.

Thank you! Thank you!

To all those who are already working with us and to those who will join us, Fondacio and all its managers are fully grateful to them.

To find out more about Fondacio's activities in the countries, go to the 'Find us' page.