Actors for change : the first conference !

A conference with Véronique and Antoine Fayet: building a more human and just world! What if it was possible!

In the current context where we need more than ever fraternity and spaces for dialogue, Fondacio launches its new cycle of conferences to better understand the current stakes. On Friday, December 11th, Véronique Fayet, President of Secours catholique and her husband Antoine, also a committed actor, will come for this first evening to give landmarks to take into account the situation of the poorest.

Fondacio is developing a new cycle of conferences for 2020-2021, "Actors for change" with the idea of joining all those in search of meaning: "Seekers of solutions beneficial to Man and the planet", we are moving forward in a spirit of unity with other seekers of meaning.

Actors for change, these are meetings that aim to help us gain awareness and intelligence on the world's challenges.

The objectives of these interventions :

  • To better understand the world in which we live
  • To shed light on the systemic dimension of the current crisis and the challenges ahead
  • "Popularization!" : a simple thought to shed light on a complex situation
  • To acquire a few points of reference on the major current issues.

Online access! The conference will be broadcasted live and recorded, via Zoom and upon registration.

A monthly programme of 6 monthly meetings from December 2020 to May 2021.

The second confinement changed the conditions of reception. Until such time as the health measures in place change, the conferences will take place online.

The launch of the cycle will take place on Friday 11 December 2020 with a conference with Véronique and Antoine FAYET, a couple who have long been involved in the social and charitable sphere in France. A former deputy mayor of Bordeaux for solidarity, Véronique Fayet is now president of Secours Catholique, which has just published its annual report on poverty in France. Antoine Fayet, a real estate executive, has put his expertise at the service of the poor for 8 years as vice-president of Habitat et Humanisme. Together, they will share with us their vision of current issues and benchmarks that can help to truly take into account the situation of the poorest.

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