agricultural entrepreneurship

objectives At the end of this training, the student has all the professional tools needed to launch and develop his agricultural entrepreneurship project: technical and practical training, entrepreneurial training. The human training that accompanies professional training allows the student to root his project so that it carries meaning for society. Post-training support for the implementation of projects is also proposed. The aim is to introduce students to their potentialities and to help them to develop them, to seize the opportunities of their environment, to arouse in them a concrete commitment to a project of agricultural entrepreneurship, based on solid professional foundations, to respond to the challenges and needs of their context. It is a nine-month course in partnership with SICHEM Farm School and the BRACRU-Togo Rural Action Brigade, which specializes in intensive agricultural training and support to rural groups. The training, which combines entrepreneurial training, practical, technical, and human training, takes place entirely at the SICHEM Farm School, 20 km from Lomé, on the road to Vogan. The SICHEM Farm School provides its capacities (agriculture, livestock farming, agro-food) and its experience in the agricultural and entrepreneurial field to offer students a supportive environment. Students acquire professional tools in agricultural entrepreneurship to build their project and human development tools necessary to anchor their project in a meaningful dynamic rooted in a strong personal conviction. On this basis, each student develops a number of skills to implement his project: design a business plan taking into account the socio-economic context create and manage a business professionally produce, transform and market its products analyze your farming business, your environment, your environment: opportunities and risks master modern agricultural techniques, respectful of the environment, and popularize them from the activities created lead a team or a cooperative bring the rural world around you, for a greater socio-economic dynamism, in a perspective of sustainable development to be a vector of change, innovation, creativity develop professionally, socially, humanely and spiritually Classes start on October 1st and end on June 30th. They take place at the SICHEM Farm School, 20 km from Lomé, on the Vogan road. The training includes daily practice and technical training in the field. The second semester is more specifically oriented towards a specialization in a field or a sector. The entrepreneurial training and human training modules accompany technical and practical learning throughout the year.

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