Ange : Ending the year in a festive atmosphere !

The year 2020 ended in a festive atmosphere in ANGE. The coronavirus pandemic did not take away our Christmas and New Year's joy.  In an atmosphere of conviviality, of reunion, we gathered around several activities, in this case a football game, a quizz and a dance by the fire.

As far as the football game is concerned, this activity took place on the evening of 27 December 2020. It brought together a total of 48 children (45 boys and 3 girls) including 27 children from the Lomé centre and 21 from the Kpomé centre. The first game (small pole) of the day was between the very young children from the Maison de Mon Père and those from Mon Refuge. The match finally ended in a draw (1-1). A second match was played between the schoolchildren of the two centres at about 4:45 pm. This second match ended in a score of 2-1 in favour of those from the Lomé centre.

Ange foot

As for the second activity, the Quizz, it took place in two parts during the day of December 29th. We note in the first part, the dominance of the senior category of the centre of Lomé. In addition, in the children's category, we noted the dominance of the juniors from Mon Refuge. In the second part, the seniors of Lomé won with a score of 40 points against 27 points for the MON REFUGE team. Similarly in the children's category, the juniors of the ANGE team won the game with a score of 42 against 40. Finally, compensations were given to the winners, the losers and all those who were present that day.

Ange quizz

Finally, the third activity, the dance by the fire, took place in the evening of December 30th from 7 p.m. onwards. The programme included choreographic performances, recitations and storytelling. There were also riddle sessions and performances by choreographic groups. And to close the evening, the dance took place.

Ange Dance by the fire