Ange &Hälsa, actions for street children in Togo

The "START" project has been implemented by the NGO Halsä International since July 2020. The main objective is to contribute to the socio-professional reintegration of street youth. Working with the same target group, our two organizations collaborate in this project. ANGE has provided technical and material support. They have made available two dormitories in the Lomé center.  They have housed 10 young children, including 5 girls.  

This is also an opportunity for ANGE to experiment with gender diversity within its reception and care system. This partnership allows our two organizations to pool their efforts in the fight against the phenomenon of street children in Togo. 


ANGE is an NGO under Togolese law that deals with street children and children in conflict with the law. Since 2001, she has been working with the Brigade pour Mineurs (Brigade for minors), which includes many street children. They intervene there once a week to defend and promote the rights and interests of disadvantaged children.