ANGE : The street project

This project helps children from disadvantaged backgrounds living on the beach in Lomé by helping them to take their place in their family or in society. Several sessions are organized and they are for these children who spend the majority of their time to become aware of their situation but also to escape the time of a moment to their daily lives.

Various activities of animation and education are done twice a week, especially every Monday and every Friday, to positively impact the life of these children. Every Monday, the project educator takes time to take stock of the weekend: he learns more about children's daily lives, which allows them to live (exploitation of children or theft), identifies cases of juvenile abuse and trouble with the law. Every Friday, educational talks are organized on topics that make sense to these children: group life, the misdeeds of drugs or the importance of education.

Children take part in group sport activities where they learn to respect each other, to work together for a common purpose and to excel. It also cuts with their everyday lives. These weekly meetings are very important for children in street situations, but also for ANGE. It is a privileged place to meet them, talk with them about their situation, and take them gradually out of the street by offering them a socio-professional reintegration. When a child expresses the will to change his future, listening times are made to become acquainted with the story of the child to place him in the most suitable center (In the house of My Father or My refuge) . In addition to this field work with beach children, night surveys are conducted twice a week. Always conducted by the educator, these maraudes are intended to understand the lives of street children to offer them adapted solutions.

It is also the opportunity for ANGE to understand the excesses and consequences of the street, and thus to offer children to join the beach every Monday and Friday.

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