Ange : Summer camp 2021 edition in Togo

[Tchekpo Dedekpoe hosts the 2021 edition of ANGE's summer camp and work camp ]

The summer camp coupled with the construction camp is taking place in Tchekpo Dedekpoe since Monday, July 19, 2021. In total, about 123 children from the reception centres of Lomé and Kpomé take part in this holiday activity in a festive atmosphere.

Since Monday, several activities such as games, dance and song performances, talks, debates, film screenings, weeding and planting of pineapples and artemisia furnish the holiday camp for the sole pleasure of children.

Ange   Ange

On Wednesday morning, a mass of thanksgiving was celebrated in the Catholic church of St Michel Archange in Tchekpo Dedekpoe. It was an opportunity for the NGO ANGE not only to give thanks to God for the organisation and holding of the camp but also to implore his assistance and protection throughout the event.

Ange   Ange
Note that the two-week camp will end on Saturday 31 July.

ANGE is one of the associations accredited by the State to take care of children identified by the hotline (free telephone number set up by the Togolese State in 2009 for child protection).

Ange's objective:

  • to contribute to the fight against juvenile delinquency in Lomé,
  • to promote and protect the rights of the Togolese child,
  • to educate, educate, educate and to reintegrate street children in conflict with the law into society,
  • to raise awareness among parents, young people and society of the difficulties related to juvenile delinquency, the importance of parental education, the dangers of the street...