Artemisia to eradicate malaria

Malaria kills more than five hundred thousand people annually. 70% of them are children. 

A plant, Artemisia, heals this disease, but it was still unknown in Africa.  Since 2012, Dr. Lucile Cornet-Vernet has decided to make the study of Artemisia and its dissemination the fight of his life. 

Fondacio has been associated with this cause since 2014, and this has allowed to create the house of Artemisia in Sichem (Togo).  Juliette Binoche and Cedric Villani are also involved in the fight against malaria by organizing the screening of a documentary on Artemisia at the National Assembly on 13 November. 

NB : The Council of Fondacio met at the end of September, Dr. Lucile Cornet-Vernet to go further in the culture and dissemination of Artemisia - A plant to eradicate malaria, as announced by published by Editions Actes Sud (Oct. 2018).

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