Assisi 2020 at Fondacio in Chile

Pope Francis has called on young people all over the world to work towards a global economy that reflects the changing awareness of societies around the world. The Chilean are not the only one asking for a new way of living together. This has been called "The Economy of Francis", not because of the Pope but because it seeks to be inspired by the figure of St. Francis. That is why the meeting, originally scheduled for April of this year, was rescheduled for November 2020 in Assisi, Italy, due to problems with the corona virus.

This has given more time for interested young people to reorganize. This is the case in Chile, where the group Assisi 2020 came to Fondacio for a meeting on Saturday, March 7th, where they could root their motivations for a more just and equitable society in the depths of each person's call and in the group's Christian identity, which at the same time includes other humanist visions.

A group of almost 30 people arrived at the Los Almendros Centre of Fondacio with great enthusiasm to listen to what the call of Assisi 2020 is for each one of them. Then, the personal work was put in common through small groups and a final assembly.

Pedro Ossandón, Auxiliary Bishop of Santiago accompanied the group, celebrating the Eucharist in the oratory of Fondacio. At the end, a lunch put the finishing touches to this morning's work which began in the open air, in the parks of the Los Almendros centre, with an exercise of immersion in nature, to contemplate Creation and to feel part of it in the style of Saint Francis.


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