Benin: A garden of hope in the making in Tchatchou

Fondacio Benin went to meet the young people of Tchatchou, a village about 30 kilometres from the town of Parakou in Benin. A field visit with the aim of providing support to the youth of this village, who are now committed to achieving their goals through the establishment of a community garden.

For these young people, this activity is a mean to address the issue of self-help in order to solve the many difficulties they face. Faced with the amazement of their commitment, the parish priest of Sainte Rita parish in Tchatchou could not hide his emotions during the visit of the person in charge of Fondacio in Benin.

Father Tiburce AKPOVO: "I spent almost 6 years in this village without being able to achieve my pastoral objectives with the young people. It took a meeting of Fondacio with these young people to activate a real trigger in them. The themes discussed and the participative pedagogy used gave impetus to this return to the land and I give thanks to God ".

Joining man in what he lives, loving him as he is and forming him for the challenges of his time is the mission of Fondacio for the benefit of the youth of this locality in search of meaning and direction.
Eusèbe Zinsouga: "We are very happy with this seed that began to germinate in Tchatchou. Our mission is to bring the Gospel in a different way to young people. I am proud of what I have seen on this journey back to the land, especially at this time when we are working to find an economic model to get young people out of underemployment and unemployment". 

The visit of the Fondacio's National Coordinator will boost the new impetus and bring comfort to about twenty young people from various university backgrounds, gathered in fraternity in a group sharing a passion for the earth through gardening. He is appealing for support to acquire agricultural equipment to increase the production of market garden produce and tropical medicinal plants. The Garden of Hope is in the making in Tchatchou. What a joy!

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