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Dear friends,
In view of the current uncertainty and the government measures necessarily taken to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we have decided to postpone the "Building a More Humane and Just World" Festival.
Fondacio, as a supporter of Pope John Paul II's "Do not be afraid", rejects the current anxiety-provoking climate. And at the same time, as a matter of principle, the members of the steering committee of the project, in agreement with the members of the French Council, have today taken the decision to postpone the holding of our gathering, initially scheduled for early May, to a new date in the autumn, which will be specified shortly.
The measures to be taken in the coming weeks to ensure the health safety of the participants make it difficult to organize the Festival, as the project has been thought out and prepared for almost a year. Intended as a time of reunion, intergenerational, festive and conducive to sharing, this gathering will take place more serenely in a few months. 
The actors, involved in the preparation of this event, remain mobilized and put all their energy to maintain the momentum! The adventure continues, so let's bet that we will all be happy to meet again soon.
Our objective remains the same as for all the actions carried out by Fondacio: to call on everyone to awaken the best in themselves and be actors for the world. 
The Festival organizing team will inform registered participants and partners of the consequences and modalities of this postponement. More precise information will be communicated in this regard very soon.
As Charis, the Vatican service dedicated to the Charismatic Renewal, proposes to us, we are invited to entrust this unprecedented situation in prayer.
Fraternally well,

Marianne de Boisredon

Fondacio France

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