"CAYA!" , that is to say, "Come as you are"!

We are a group of young adults embarking on life . What brings us all together is the quest for meaning in our daily lives, the search for authentic encounters, sincere sharing , the joy of being able to show ourselves as we are in trust, ... 
If all that speaks to you, you invited to discover the energy of Fondacio. You are welcome to come and share special moments with you, with your peers and with the world, through different projects. 
Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/fondacio.jeunes.adultes/

" Fondacio, for me, is a bubble of air, a ray of sunshine that I catch and that I keep in myself as long as I can ." 
Fratogether  : these are regular evenings during the year ( every 2nd Tuesday of the month ) to ask, to have a reflection around a theme , to share experiences and feelings with a small group in the confidence , the respect, the welcome and non-judgment. Everyone is welcome to discover without long-term commitment. 
The word "Fratogether" comes from Fraternities (a small group of sharing and listening to each one related to a particular theme) and Together because we find ourselves togetherto sing, to discover, to pray. 
Location: Louvain-la-Neuve 
PAF: € 2 / evening 
Contact: Caroline 0472 62 23 91

" I felt a new dynamism, a new freshness, a sincere happiness to be there ... A real positive atmosphere of sharing and joy.The theme was very well chosen, and came right at the right time for me. It allowed me to clarify a few points, then to deposit them in the fraternity.This time of frat, was also very rich.The confidence and sharing were directly established. people, whom I did not know participated in it also bring vitality, a new breath . "

Weekend CAYA  : 
Organized by and for 18-30 around the theme "Take your place" , punctuated with time for meetings, reflections, sharing , fun , music, songs, dances, parties, discoveries and more! 
Everyone has the opportunity, if they wish, to animate one or more times and to be animated by their peers. 
Contact: Myriam 0478 63 97 34

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