In Chile, new homes for a new life

In Chile, Fondacio helps the most disadvantaged through several projects. With "A Hogar Mas Digno" (a more decent housing), the inhabitants of the slum of Huechuraba (district of Santiago, the capital) are recovering.

In Chile , 16% of the population still lives below the poverty line. With unsanitary housing made of wood and sheet metal, and a climate sparing neither heat in summer nor cold in winter, living conditions are trying.

Fondacio therefore engages with the most underprivileged through various projects, including "A Hogar Mas Digno" (a more decent housing) which helps them to make the steps for the government to build a decent housing (hard), or their build a home directly when the state can not help them. Many volunteers are involved in this project, and concretely improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of these poor neighborhoods.

Two project beneficiaries, Carmen, whose house will soon be built, and Norma, happy living in a small house she cares for, welcome us home.

This transition from misery to decent housing is essential to moving forward in life. Soon a beneficiary of the project, Carmen came into contact with the project 8 years ago. She now knows that her new house will be ready soon, and is ready: she has already sewn the curtains, her neighbors are giving her furniture for her new house ... She lives here with her daughter, housekeeper for 350 euros per months, and his 3 children. On the same ground for more than 30 years, she knows difficult living conditions and has experienced dramas, including a fire that took away a child of 7 months.

At 67, Norma shines, and is delighted to present her beautifully decorated mosaic house, which she also follows at Fondacio, with the program "Jesus capintero" (Jesus carpenter). She also participated in a sewing workshop for 4 years: what to decorate her new house from floor to ceiling! She thanks God every day for the help that Fondacio has been able to give her: without it, she could not have obtained the subsidies of the State to build her house, a long legal battle whose strings must be known.

Veronica Muñoz, project manager, assures that Norma is transformed since the construction of this house in hard. If life has always been difficult for this mother of 10, whose granddaughter she raised still lives in her backyard with her child, this house was a real reward and a great pride.

On April 24, 12 new houses of this type were officially handed over to their lucky owners through the Angela Davis Committee. Like Norma, they were accompanied for 5 years by Fondacio thanks to "Un Hogar Mas Digno" and Habitat para la Humanidad, and now discover the joys of decent housing to move forward.

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