Christmas lunch 2020 at Succes+ in Togo

Succes+, on christmas day friday 25th december 2020, distributed 275 christmas meals to children in Togo !

The festive season, and therefore Christmas, is often an opportunity to get together as a family, exchange gifts and promote the values of sharing and solidarity.

In many families, Christmas activities with children have become a big commercial organisation where everything has to be perfect: the meal, the gifts, who to invite, etc... Is it possible to return to the real values, to make Christmas for children a real celebration for them, and not just a tribute to the gifts they receive?

For children from low-income families in difficulty or isolated families, the festive season is often a difficult time.

So since last year, Succès+ has been initiating the " SOIRÉE PETIT PAPA NOËL" which is an opportunity for children from different associations and projects to get together and experience the magic of Christmas.

For this year, given the prevailing health situation, we have mobilised to ensure that the magic of Christmas works on everyone by organising a "Special Christmas Meal " which we distributed to 275 children in the Tokoin Airport district on Friday 25 December 2020.


Dance and song performances, sketches, games, meal sharing and others furnished the evening. One could read the joy on the faces of the children who came to attend the evening.


We would like to take this opportunity to say a sincere thank you to all the people and organisations who gave us their unconditional support. Without them, all this would not have been possible.