Clement Yargo, a Christian committed to peace in couples

Clément Yargo, a married layman and father of two, is Secretary General of Fondacio Benin. I have met him several times in recent years, in Europe and at home, in Africa.

Clément is President of the International Center for Human Rights and Universal Solidarity (UNIV Center) which works for a better world through a daily investment for justice, peace and sustainable development. This center maintains relations with public and private structures for the realization of common charitable activities for humanity, especially for the weakest. Clément's commitment to peace is "remarkable particularly in the area of ​​training couples and families on the constructive management of marital conflict". Archbishop Pascal N'KOUE, Archbishop of Parakou (Benin).

Peace and Justice
From 2012, the actions of the UNIV Center initiated by Clément were carried out in the light of the Apostolic Exhortation Synodal Post Africae Munus of Pope Benedict VI. The vision of the UNIV Center is to build a peaceful world, to create the relations of peace between men while being convinced that "the peace of men that is obtained without justice is illusory and ephemeral" (Africae Munus).

The couple, the family ... moreover, we know, are topical issues highlighted by the synod on the family (second session from 4 to 25 October 2015 in Rome). In this sense, Clement's initiatives in West Africa are exemplary and instructive. From May 28, 2012 to July 5, 2015, he hosted 117 sessions and trained 5456 people. He gave 38 radio shows!

In 2015, the focus was on managing marital conflict for family peace.
For example, during the 3-5 July session in Parakou, 26 participants from five dioceses attended a training program on the following seven themes: "General information on the management of marital conflict; The qualities of a good conjugal companion; Method of listening and reconciliation of couples; The consequences of mismanagement of sexuality within the couple; Marital support in the tests; Physical and financial management of the home; The issues of conjugal dialogue and the treatment of jealousy. "Clement likes to emphasize the Christian approach that animated this training:" Every day, from 17h, time was spent listening and accompanying people on marital and family situations. This accompaniment continued for some people to the confession. Every morning, there were Eucharistic celebrations presided over by the participating priests at the session. The closing Mass on Sunday was presided over by Msgr Pascal N'KOUE. At the end of the session, the certificates were given to the participants. "

Fondacio has awakened my charisms 
In a natural and humble tone, Clement likes to link this mission, his Christian faith and his belonging to Fondacio: "Everywhere, I testify that Fondacio works to deploy the charisms and vocations received as gifts of God . I was a shy boy when I met Fondacio 20 years ago. Fondacio really helps me to awaken my charisms as she did for many people. "

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