Closing of the year at COH

Last January was the closing of the year of the Hortitherapeutic Occupational Centre ( COH ), which in 2020 had the great challenge of operating remotely, due to the pandemic, and which turned out to be successful.

The closing took place with a small ceremony attended by personalities such as Miguel Andrade, from District 9 and the deputy Erika Oliveira. Due to health restrictions, only a couple of COH participants attended, who enjoyed a space for social participation, recreation and reflection, where the distance learning that took place in 2020 stood out. Within this environment, the certification for participation in the Centre took place, which were symbolic for all those who were unable to attend in person. Along with this, the Cooperative joined the COH celebration, to offer the new tea IncluyeTé, of which we share images with you.

In addition, Fondacio continues to grow and move forward with new members arriving to collaborate. This is the case of Victoria Rubio, Occupational Therapist, who has joined in support of the Hortitherapeutic Occupational Centre and the Cooperative, as well as working on a pilot programme of labour inclusion.

"My role at the COH is to continue supporting the development of the annual workshop, use the workshop as a means for rehabilitation, generate adjustments according to each person, activate networks with municipal organisations, recruit participants, generate follow-up and accompaniment in the process, so that at the end of the workshop we can generate a labour continuity towards a labour inclusion programme, either a cooperative or a referral to formal work according to law 21.015", said Victoria.

As for the cooperative, it will support the production of the inclusive enterprise, in addition to making adjustments and adaptations to the position of each person with a disability, as well as monitoring and accompanying the workers.

Regarding the labour inclusion programme, Victoria said: "We are looking to provide continuity to the participants of a Fondacio programme, to be able to refer people previously trained for the world of work to companies, to generate labour inclusion under the 21.015 law". A programme that will be developed this year and that generates great optimism for those who participate in the different areas of work.