COH Workshop : a new look

This month, a two-session mini-workshop was held at the Hortitherapeutic Occupational Centre (COH) for ten people from the northern district of Santiago of the territorial coordination of the deputy Erika Olivera.
Virna Veliz, COH participant and secretary of Allunmapu, was in charge of managing and disseminating the workshop, which was held through the Zoom platform.

The participants were able to have a close encounter with nature and discover how it can help them see life from a new perspective. Erika, 65, offered her thoughts after having been part of the COH workshop. You can read it below:

"I have spent my whole life working, taking care of the house, the children, taking care of my mother who was bedridden for fifteen years, and I have done everything humanly possible for her to have a peaceful time with my family. I also looked after my father for six years, now they are both gone, but I tried to give them my best and that reassures me when I think of them. For the same reason, I didn't have time to dedicate to a plant or to see how wonderful nature is, now I continue with my life, taking care of grandchildren and working at home because of the pandemic, and that's why now I can give time to my plants.That's how life goes, when we give each other life it went by me in the blink of an eye. I am now 65 years old. Take advantage of time, life passes like a sigh. It is a great blessing to have been in the COH workshop."