Colive Journey 2021 : You can still sign up !

Colive Journey 2021 : Let's think together and take action for a desirable future! 

We are in a world of upheaval. The global health crisis that we have been experiencing since 2020 is an illustration of this. The increase in inequalities, ecological disorders, climate change, the loss of meaning and social ties, and geopolitical tensions remind us daily of what is at stake in the world and the challenges and threats that hang over it.

To respond to these issues, integral ecology invites us to enter into a more peaceful relationship with ourselves, with others, with nature, and with the spiritual dimension of our existence.  This calmer relationship leads us to look at what surrounds us with wonder, as a starting point that allows us not to give up, not to despair, but to set ourselves in motion, to choose action, to seek, where we are, how to act in the service of the poorest, and in the service of the challenges of ecological transition. To enter into a dynamic of integral ecology is first to choose a path, to think differently, to accept to be converted by connecting ourselves to nature and to others. To enter into this experience with others is to try to build a new model of society.

Faced with these global challenges that seem to escape us, how can we avoid giving in to the ambient cynicism? How can we take a lucid look at the world as it is without sinking into depression, indifference or resignation? How can we dare to challenge certain dominant paradigms to propose a desirable future? 

These are the questions that we will explore together, in small intercultural and intergenerational groups during the CoLive Journey. You have one week left to register, don't wait any longer:

What will Colive Journey look like? 2 sessions of 2 hours, one in September, one in October, one in December, in small groups gathering people from all continents. Dates set by the members of the small group. FREE OF CHARGE.