The CoLive Journey : From Easter to Pentecost, let's connect our energies to be active leaven of hope for the world ».

The global pandemic linked to Covid 19 has brought the planet to a standstill. Containment measures are being taken everywhere. Everyone's daily life has to adapt and the functioning of organizations has to reinvent itself. To get through this difficult and sometimes even painful stage, we are becoming aware of the importance of fraternity and the quality of the relationship with oneself and with others in order to stay the course of hope. Beyond experimenting with new forms of work and long-distance relationships, Fondacio has chosen to make this time of retreat and confinement a time of retreat and openness, to move from Covid to CoLive. The challenge is to listen personally and collectively to the invitations to reinvent ourselves and to deepen our vocation in order to build what some have called the "next world" in a more committed way. In an international way, we wish to link our impulses, to allow ourselves to be challenged by the pressing calls of the world to build a more human and just world. This is the meaning of the Journey of Living Together "From Easter to Pentecost, let us link our impetus to be active leaven of hope for the world" of which, at the halfway point, we give some elements here and which has a vocation to be lived widely.

The pandemic caused by Covid-19 affects all countries, to varying degrees. New measures of containment are being taken and profound changes are taking place in our lifestyles. It is a painful time for many people: illness, isolation, difficult living conditions, ...  

Within Fondacio, many activities - sharing fraternities, community meetings, training sessions - and even major events such as the 2020 Festival of Fondacio France planned in Angers at the beginning of May, have had to be suspended, cancelled or postponed. Many social projects on all continents have also come to a halt, with very direct consequences for all their beneficiaries. The scenarios for the resumption of certain activities are still very uncertain. Insecurity is both personal and weakens many projects.

In the midst of this global crisis, we very quickly grasped the opportunity and importance of being connected, of being able to connect with each other and to remind ourselves of the strength of a single, diverse community, committed to the heart of the world's issues. Turning this time of retreat and confinement into a time of spiritual retreat and openness, became obvious, in order to move from Covid to CoLive. 

Thus, in a few days, the CoLive Journey was set up to live a spiritual, international, personal and community retreat, to listen to the calls to reinvent ourselves and to deepen our vocation to build a more human, more just and more ecological world. 


"From Easter to Pentecost, let's connect our energies  
to be active leaven of hope for the world." 

This journey is spread out over the Easter season, between the feast of Easter, when Christians celebrate the victory of Life over death, and the gift of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, which invites us to commit ourselves boldly and resolutely to serve humanity. It proposes three "Spiritual Conversations", that is to say a time of meditation and personal reflection around some passages of the Bible that echo our reality and an interior dialogue before sharing the essential in a small sharing group that welcomes the word of each one and allows itself to be challenged by what emerges from this "sharing". » 

In our tradition, we know that reading the "signs of the times" and discerning the newness to be welcomed in the midst of difficult situations can be opportunities for transformation in order to move forward and grow out of it. To do so with a plurality of perspectives and the participation of people from different countries is thus an incredible opportunity. 

With great agility, in just a few days two hundred people from twenty-three different countries registered for this Journey. Twenty-five small groups per language - English, Spanish and French - were then formed with at least three different nationalities. From France, Chloé shares with Rose Ann and Jason from the Philippines, Charles from the Ivory Coast, Annie from Malaysia, Aleona from Laos, Thierry from Belgium and Elena from Romania. What diversity, what richness! 

We experience joy and communion; bonds of friendship are woven and we witness the experience of a great connected human family. To meet the other in his experience and to welcome him into our homes, even through a screen, is a way of connecting us to one another, while at the same time moving away from ourselves to enter into the novelty of a cross-border reality.

These first shared experiences reinforce our awakening to the fact that Love is the key to the world. We are in a time of rupture and radicality. By daring to connect to oneself, to others and to the world, Hope is given to us as good news. Cultivating a positive outlook on the goodness and beauty of the world is an essential basis for approaching its injustices with lucidity and becoming, together, actors of change, with what we are and our talents today, without waiting until we are completely ready to act and find new answers to the challenges of our time. 

To be ferments of hope for the world today means building alliances with others to reconnect Mankind to his thirst for the infinite and to the awareness of his own limitations in order to serve humanity and safeguard our common home, the environment in which we live and which we want to bequeath to future generations. It is with humility that we move forward, because we know that giving up the comfort of our habits to build a truly different "next world" will come up against our difficulties of letting go and our selfishness. Our faith comforts us in the fact that we are not alone in this journey; this is our hope, indispensable to undertake ... 


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