The common pots in El Barrero continues

Since the communes began to be deconfined, only one of the  common pots has been closed in the sector of El Barrero, so three places in the sector are still holding solidarity lunches.

The Araucaria Neighbourhood Council is one of the areas where work is still being done with the communal pots, although their lunch production has dropped from 250 to 160, being distributed twice a week.

El Bosque 1, is another sector, but has experienced a different situation, as production has grown from 180 lunches to 260, also distributed twice a week.

Finally, La Pincoya maintains its number of 80 lunches, with deliveries three times a week. For many of those living in El Barrero, the return to temporary jobs has been slow, so there is still a need for the common pots, and the collaboration of each one counts to continue delivering lunches to the neighbours of the sector.

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