Contact with nature has allowed me to reconnect to reality !

Among the summer missions - carried out this year in France because of the health crisis - the students of the first year of the Bachelor's degree "worked" in the Vendée from June 8 to 21 in Terra Gora Lodges, a family business founded on respect for the environment. Return on this participative workcamp by Jade, student and member of this mission.

Terra Gora Lodges is a family business in the Vendée based on respect for the environment. Its director, Jean-Pierre Gaborit, has decided to create a new form of hotel business composed of unusual cabins, built in an ecological and responsible way. The mission of the first year students of the Bachelor's degree in "Project Management with Development and Solidarity", was to help implement certain ongoing projects on site, such as the construction of new sanitary blocks and the planting of 300 vines. The IFF Europe Graines en Vie student association decided to support this project for its ecological and sustainable virtues and with the aim of fostering a new vision of the hotel business (in resonance with the values and aspirations of the association).

Vine planting

Objective of the mission: to plant 300 vines! A team of five students therefore set to work, making progress on several sites:

"Contact with nature made it possible to reconnect with reality. »

  • Brushing, uprooting, weeding.
  • It's hard work, but it's essential if the vines are to grow. Once the vines have been planted, the grass and ferns that have been uprooted are then used for mulching.
  • Making stakes for the vines.
  • Planting of vines. They had to be planted delicately in the holes dug, then packed down properly (to prevent air bubbles from destroying the roots) and finally watered.
  • This last step concluded the work by applying the ferns to the soil of the plantations in order to keep the humidity and protect the soil from the sun.

The students were also exposed to the work of the new toilet blocks...

The objective:

  • To advance the work on the new toilet blocks. A team of four students lent a hand to accomplish this mission.
  • Measuring and cutting the wooden planks (with a jigsaw) supervised by François, son of Jean-Pierre and project leader.
  • Fixing the boards to the frames using a drill and an electric screwdriver.
  • Fixing the brandes (a natural material composed of small branches of wood used for the walls of the toilets).

Making and applying plaster: plaster is applied over the strands to prevent air from passing through and to create insulation. To make it it is sufficient to use earth, wood shavings, water and lime. All mixed in the concrete mixer.

"The contact with nature allows real reconnection. »

Pride and Gratitude

The nine students on the site, all members of the Graines en Vie association, are proud to have taken part in this mission full of teachings that will also have given them a new vision of the work.

They especially thank the donors who enabled them to carry out this project as well as the Terra Gora Lodges team who welcomed them with open arms and trust in the realization of these missions.


"This mission was a great experience on a human and professional level. With our team of volunteers we were able to learn how to live together and share it with the guests. The contact with nature during these two weeks allowed me to reconnect with reality. This mission opened up other fields of vision for a professional future in harmony with the environment and proved to me that it is still possible today to build a project for the future by respecting the living being in all its forms. This experience has revealed to me a whole new aspect of local solidarity. "Jade, 22 years old.

"I am very happy with this solidarity mission at Terra Gora Lodges. We were cut off from time, with our hands in the ground, learning different kinds of knowledge. I remember a philosophy of life that favours harmony and simplicity. A beautiful experience of sharing with others and harmony with nature. "Léna, 21 years old.


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