A different kind of Lent by François Prouteau

Sunday will mark the beginning of Holy Week and the celebration of the Paschal Mystery for which Lent has prepared us. It is an opportunity to take stock, to revisit the resolutions we have made to convert our hearts and change our habits in order to let God's love enter and shine in our lives. Fondacio has chosen to put the Lent proposals under the sign of peace, by proposing a booklet of peace to accompany a journey in nature.

What does this peace booklet look like?

This booklet begins by recalling that peace is at the heart of the Bible, "Shalom" in Hebrew, which evokes a fullness. We hope that peace will come to the earth. At the same time, we see how difficult it is to live it in ourselves, with others, in the world. The Notebook proposes a path to grow in peace, starting from the three masters - oneself, others and everything that makes up the world of things in nature (cf. Jean-Jacques Rousseau in Emile or Education) to finally put oneself in the school of the master of life, God. The Book of Peace thus includes four dimensions: growing in peace with oneself, growing in peace with others, growing in peace with the Earth, growing in peace with God. We can start with one or the other, everything is linked.

Can we have a concrete illustration, for example, to grow in peace with oneself?

Yes, a journey on this theme involves the search for a balance between, on the one hand, a just ambition towards oneself - wanting to make one's talents bear fruit, for example, to take up the parable of the talents in the Gospel - and, on the other hand, an acceptance of one's personal frailties, of one's missteps, or of what may be worrying us personally. For Christians, peace towards oneself is born first of all from the unconditional love given by Christ, in the personal encounter of His radical love which first says "yes" to our existence, without sorting, excluding or judging our person; we call it "mercy".
On this theme, we find in the Peace Booklet advice and questions that will accompany the journey in a park, with places of peace and resourcing. For example, in the Esvière garden, we have planted a Judean tree which is the symbol of Jerusalem, the "city of Shalom", of peace. An itinerary of meditation is proposed from this tree.

It is up to each one to find, in the morning, in the evening, during the day, spaces conducive to reflection or prayer. Walking meditatively, consciously, in nature, can sometimes free our spirit and enlighten our life, God is waiting for us to fill us with his presence. 

You can download the Booklet of Peace and find out about all the Fondacio proposals for living Lent in a different way, at www.fondacio.fr