Discovering Fondacio's Youth Mission in France

Fondacio is aimed at young people between 12 and 30 years old. The Youth Mission organises revision or orientation sessions, week-long highlights and year-long courses. 

Fondacio wants to help each young person to : 
- To build themselves humanly. 
- Develop real relationships. 
- Take their place in society. 
- (Re)discovering the richness of the Christian faith. 

The three educational specificities of Fondacio 

1 / Addressing all young people, whatever their spiritual stage. 

The diversity of our proposals allows us to reach everyone where they are in their journey. Whether they are practising, believers or not, the objective is to raise questions. This unconditional love of God for each person, we wish to give everyone a taste of it! 

2/ To be a qualitative presence among young people and to believe in them 

We seek to provide a quality of presence and welcome for each young person. To do this we have teams of adults who are trained to listen and who accept to be themselves on the path in their lives. We walk with the young people, attentive to their concerns, confident that they carry all the answers within them and that all we have to do is encourage them so that they can develop! 

3/ A diversified pedagogy driven by the young people themselves 

Games, singing and sport are as important as testimonials, times for rereading or sharing in small groups. The young people are invited to take responsibility and provide the entertainment. This allows everyone to find their place. It is an opportunity to gain self-confidence, to surpass oneself, to experience complementarity in a group, to deploy one's talents. It is also the best way to ensure that our proposals are really relevant to today's youth! 

Testimonials : 

"I was like a match that burned without a flame. This camp opened me up to believe that a meaningful life is possible." Marie, 17 years old 

"I rediscovered who I was and what I could do for the world at my level." Maguelone, 19 years old 

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