Download our new international calendar !

Calendar for February, English version

The initiative

The communication team of Fondacio in Chile has created a digital month by month calendar, to be downloaded for free and put as a wallpaper on computers. It gathers the major events of Fondacio worldwide. It is available in Spanish, English and French.

How was born the idea?

Every year, the members of Fondacio in Chile receive a calendar. “It is a way for us to promote the Development and Solidarity Programs (SDPs) that exist in Chile”, explains Francisco Rios, head of communications for the community in the country.

After the second "CoVivir" international cycle about integral ecology, that took place in autumn 2021, the idea emerged of making a single calendar together with the community of Colombia. “We asked ourselves: why not make a single calendar with our brothers in Colombia and work together as a South American region?”

From there, the idea was extended to the whole world: “Why not make a world calendar to integrate all the realities of Fondacio on all the continents?” Indeed, the community runs projects in twenty countries across the world, in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

What is the main focus in February?

This month (February 2022), it is the launching of the first phase of the Congress, in Togo, that is the highlight of the calendar.

Indeed, this year marks the beginning of the 6th edition of the Congress, which is the highest governing body of Fondacio. For the first time, it will take place in three phases. The first one will be held on the four continents, from February to June 2022. Then, the election of the President will take place from October 2022 to March 2023. Finally, all the delegates will meet in May 2023, in Africa.

The international digital calendar will display all these dates, month by month. “It is an added value to the calendar”, says Francisco Rios.

January calendar, Spanish version

How many versions of the calendar are there?

The calendar can be downloaded, each month, in three versions: English, French and Spanish (click here for the instructions in Spanish). The download is easy and free, though you can always donate the amount of your choice to Fondacio.

Furthermore, each calendar will come with a quote (written) and a testimony (in video) of a member about an aspect of Fondacio's spirituality. Gustavo Lopez, from the community in Colombia, recorded the video for January; it was Jérôme Tozé, from Fondacio in Benin, for February.

A final word ?

Francisco Rios concludes: “We believe that this calendar can contribute to the integration of the different Fondacio communities around the world, that it can help getting them closer together. We hope that it will accompany us on our daily journey and be a reminder that we are not alone in our dream of a more humane and just world.”