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📣 Cinema is a fabulous art form that allows one's voice to be heard, to try to change mentalities or denounce certain aspects of society. Here are a few tips by Reciclo a Fondacio Chile project 

Here are 12 must-see feature-length films, dealing with current environmental issues, via science fiction, dramatic comedy or documentary.

1/ "Tomorrow", by Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent (2015).
A worldwide survey to think about ecological and sustainable solutions.

2/ "Plastic Planet", by Werner Boote (2009).
This committed documentary exposes the facts and denounces the massive use of plastic.

3/ "Home", the earth seen from the sky, by Yann Arthus-Bertrand (2009)
A film of great beauty that above all wants to show us the beauty of nature, which we owe it to ourselves to protect.

4/ "Promised Land", by Gus Van Sant (2012)
Social and cruel film with Matt Damon about a representative of an energy company that offers farmers in a small town to drill their land for money.

5/ "An Inconvenient Truth", by Davis Guggenheim (2006).
With this Oscar-winning film, Al Gore raised public awareness of the gravity of global warming.

6/ "Once Upon a Forest", by Luc Jacquet (2012).
This poetic film plunges us into the heart of the primary forest of the tropics, an incredible reservoir of life.

7/ Our Planet, Netflix (2019)
Mini-series of immersion in the animal kingdom.

8/ "Soylent Green", by Richard Fleischer (1973)
A film of anticipation that tells the story of the world of 2022, delivered to chaos, where the ecosystem has almost disappeared and humanity is left to its own devices...

9/ " The Last Trapper ", by Nicolas Vanier (2003).
A beautiful film for the whole family, both fiction and documentary.

10/ "Before the Flood", by Léonardo Dicaprio (2016).
The seriousness of the ecological crisis and solutions to prevent the disappearance of species.

11/ "Food, Inc." by Robert Kenner (2008).
The workings of the food industry and its derivatives.

12/ "Solutions locales pour un désordre global", Coline Serreau (2010)
A positive film that, instead of making us feel guilty, gives us a breath of fresh air.

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Source: Planet zero waste.

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