Eco-Tips by Reciclo : eco-performance

💫 What is eco-performance?

🌎 It is the efficient and rational use of energy and natural resources with ecological and economic benefits, with the aim of producing more goods and services, with less waste and residues, obtaining less environmental pollution. 

🌱💸 In this way you contribute to a healthy environment while making significant financial savings.

▶️ To achieve eco-efficiency in your home, it is necessary to make the following commitments in terms of energy, water and material savings:

✔️🏠 Ensure the quality of insulation in your home. If you want to build your own house, choose materials with a low environmental impact, such as wood, which offers very significant reductions in energy costs and emissions.

✔️🔌 Switch off electrical and electronic appliances when you are not using them, as they continue to consume energy.

✔️💦 Reuse the water you use for cooking or laundry to water your plants, vegetable gardens and clean your home. Buy soaps without chemicals. 

✔️♻️ Adopt a zero-waste lifestyle: try to buy as little packaging as possible, buy in bulk, avoid using disposable items, recycle, use organic waste to make compost.

✔️💡 Replace your traditional light bulbs with energy-saving bulbs. This can reduce energy consumption by 50-80%, getting the same amount of light.

✔️🚽 Check your home for water, gas and/or electricity leaks.

✔️🧴 Dispose of used cooking oil properly.

✔️🧾 Use recycled paper, when printing documents, use double-sided paper.

✔️💯 Buy efficient appliances (A++). More expensive to buy, the energy savings they represent make up for the investment. 

✔️🤔 When you go to buy something, ask yourself if you really need it. 

💪🤸 Remember : Produce more and pollute less!