Empowering Youth in the Margins

"By the young and for the young"


There are 1.1 billion youth in Asia today, and 20% of these young people still remain uneducated, unemployed and untrained. Although there are various government initiatives increasing literacy and empowering youths across the region, many still fall through the cracks of the education system, especially those who are poor. 


Young Lives Development Center by Fondacio provides a life skills education (English, IT, personal mastery and entrepreneurship) in order to provide social mobility to youths at risk in Asia. Upon graduating, they have a chance at better employment, are linked to further education and training opportunities, and can embark on micro-entrepreneurial ventures. They are also trained to be leaders who serve their communities and society.

Our project helps marginalised youths from at-risk communities across Southeast Asia (Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia and Philippines) who are dealing with issues of poverty, school drop-out, drug abuse, persecution and lack of educational opportunities, to obtain life skills and develop themselves personally and professionally. We teach English, Computer Skills, Personal Mastery and Entrepreneurship, which provides our young people a bridge into further education, better employment and entrepreneurship opportunity. 

At Young Lives, it is also the local young people themselves who are coordinating and running these centers. 

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