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Fondacio Chile: “Confia” Every day we have more confidence.

The “Confia” booklet, proposed by Fondacio in alliance with the Fundación emprender and Red America, is progressing at full speed. It is distributed among the most needy neighbors of the El Barrero sector, next to the Centro Los Almendros in the municipality of Huechuraba.

In just one month of work, we were able to double the number of families registered thanks to the donations received. In other words, to the 20 families registered in the month of July, we added 22 additional families, making a total of 42 families reached during the month of August.

As we explained a few weeks ago, the “Confia” booklet is a solidarity system that connects the most needy families to their local grocery store through the old concept of “fiar”. This system works with a “trust” notebook where the grocer notes the products entrusted to a certain family with a limit of $40,000. The operation has the dual objective of supporting local trade by allowing the money to remain in the neighborhood when Fondacio deposits the sum at this grocer thanks to the donations received.

“This idea has helped us a lot as a storekeeper, because now people are coming who have never been to the store before. It is also a great help for the neighbors, they are all very grateful”. Sandra Tapia, owner of a store in the Bosque 2 sector and also responsible for the neighborhood council, told us.

If you are looking for a proposal that strengthens the local economy and circulates to carry many people through this crisis with dignity, this is the opportunity and make your contribution HERE .

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