You are currently viewing “Notre Espérance” – A song to celebrate Easter!

“Notre Espérance” – A song to celebrate Easter!

“Notre Espérance”, a great choir and a new unity song for Easter! 170 singers and 120 Christian churches from France and the Francophonie gathered!

Fondacio is participating in this project! After more than 800,000 views on YouTube for the blessing song “La Bénédiction France”, released at Pentecost 2020, and the Christmas carol “Listen to the song of the Angels”, a third song: “Notre Espérance” is posted online at from Saturday March 27, 2021, this time for Easter.

An even more ambitious project!

This third opus brings together 120 churches and nearly 170 French-speaking Christian singers from France and around the world with more than 12 countries represented (Algeria, Senegal, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Mauritius, Lebanon, Bahrain, Palestine, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Canada/Quebec) thus honoring a new dimension of unity and hope beyond French borders.

A song to celebrate Easter!

The launch is Saturday March 27, 2021, the day before Palm Sunday and on the eve of Holy Week. The release date was chosen to celebrate Easter, which is “the” celebration of the victory of Life over Death and Love over Hatred. Christian Hope is founded on these Easter events: the death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ. This awesome choir sings, “Death has no power over me. Jesus Christ, the victory is yours”. The refrain ends in the first person plural “we” because it is an announcement that unites all the churches represented in this project: “In his name we are saved, Jesus Christ, our hope”.

Athletes as guest-stars to read the Gospel

To accompany this song, Chelsea footballer Olivier Giroud, member of the French Connect Anglican Church at Saint Barnabas in London, his colleague and friend Clément Lenglet, Catholic Christian and player at FC Barcelona, and Astride N’Gouan, member of an evangelical church and professional handball player, also agreed to read with three voices as a sign of unity the account of the resurrection taken from the Gospel of Saint Luke.

With the participation of Fondacio!

It is with great pleasure that the Fondacio movement joins this ecumenical choir, above borders! Four representatives said yes to recording the song: Clémence Heulin, Claire de Sousa, Sébastien Couderc and Daniel Crevier.

The project leader, Jean-Luc Sergent, Anglican pastor at Saint Barnabas and French Connect in London, delivers the vision of the organizing team: “This song is like a third chapter in a cycle that has taken on the rhythm of the pandemic. . This pandemic has questioned the faith of Christians and what we mean by our Hope. Through the last part of this triptych, we want to share this Good News with as many people as possible, believers or not”.

To listen to the song on the YouTube channel of La Bénédiction France, click HERE! !

Let’s share our Hope!

All Christians who wish to do so are also invited to share this message of Hope widely, by sharing the link of the video and tagging #notreesperance.

This video is also an invitation to all those who are looking for a source essential to their life, to come and discover a journey, a proposal in one of the communities gathered to understand and live Christian hope. Fondacio is one of those lucky places with proposals that can enlighten your life.

Continue to grow in unity and praise

This Easter song “Our Hope” concludes an exceptional year. The team is now working on new projects that will take different forms. Four composers: a Protestant, two Evangelicals and a Catholic are already working together on the composition of a song on God’s love for his Church, a first in the world of Christian musical creation. Case to follow!

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