Fondacio in Guinea

Fondacio in Guinea since 2006

Hope does not deceive! (Rom 5:5)

After the WYD in Cologne in Germany in 2005, Jean Baptiste KOLIE, very seduced by the fraternity and the welcome of the friends of the community of Fondacio whom he met, presented the movement to the Bishop of Kankan, Mgr Vincent KOULIBALY , on his return . The latter welcomed it favorably and Fondacio opened its doors in 2006 in the diocese of Kankan. The adventure begins with the promise of new hope for young people in search of meaning and a bright future. 14 years later, hope does not deceive!

The Republic of Guinea, with an area of 245.857 km², is a country in West Africa bounded by the Atlantic Ocean, bordered to the northwest by Guinea-Bissau, to the north by Senegal, to the east by Mali, southeast by Ivory Coast and south by Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Guinea is a country with a strong Islamic proportion (85% of the population) and very open to tradition. The Church of Guinea is still very young from the point of view of the proclamation of the Good News. This is why the Fondacio movement is a great opportunity and a chance for Guinea to restore hope and faith to young people and to all lay people.

Today Fondacio evolves in three dioceses or regions: Kankan, N’Zérékoré and Conakry, forming three community groups that work with young people, adults, couples and families.

Average income
$588 / month

Annual growth
+ 5.9% / year

68.5% pop.

human index
0.459 (175th)

Life expectancy
54 years old

Poverty situation
55% pop.

Activities in Guinea

Youth Forum in 2009 “Builders of Hope” with 250 participants.
Youth Forum 2012 “Dare to Live, Build Hope” with 150 participants.
Moments of community animation, prayer, training and open days for the life of community groups in Conakry, Kankan and N’Zérékoré.
Gala matches for the unity of youth action movements.

For 14 years, Fondacio has touched people through formation, prayer and evangelization:

  • 400 young people and 100 adults including 5 couples and families in 2014.

  • 500 young people and 100 adults including 10 couples and families in 2015

  • 700 young people and 100 adults including 20 couples and families in 2016

  • 800 young people and 150 adults including 10 couples and families in 2017

  • 300 young people and 40 adults including 5 couples and families in 2018

  • 400 young people and 50 adults including 8 couples and families in 2019

Fondacio in Guinea

Jean-Valentin Haba

Director of Fondacio in Guinea

How did I overcome the fear? A young Muslim who became a Christian through the joy of regaining serenity. Teacher-researcher at the Julius Nyerere University of Kankan, married to Madeleine KPOGHOMOU, we have six children, two of whom are adopted. I come from a family of practicing Muslims for much of my childhood and youth. One thing that I had great trauma during my teenage years and even my youth was storm lightning and the sound of thunder during winter times. One day on my walks I came across the scene of the calming storm while watching a Bible movie in which Jesus asked for the waters to be calmed. One of the words of Jesus to his disciples that really touched me and made me feel good was "man of little faith, why are you afraid?". That word combined with the storm scene I had seen really set me on the path to defying my fear later, during a strong tornado, I was caught up in an interrogation. Why the tornado? And I always come back to the same text "Why are you afraid? "So begins for me a kind of healing from a long trauma and the fear of lightning and thunder. I found in these words inner answers that I had never had in my search for answers to fear. Thanks to this response, which puts me back in the position of a believer, and roots me in the faith by relying on God, my inner storms calmed down and my serenity was restored. It was an extraordinary experience for me. was the beginning of my conversion from Islam to Christianity. I then met Fondacio in 2006 during a time of prayer in the parish of Notre Dame des Victoires et de Paix in Kankan. Struck by the simplicity and the welcome of the friends who invited me, I decided to go there. Today I am responsible for Fondacio in Guinea, I am involved with friends in pastoral work in the three dioceses (Kankan, N'Zérékoré and Conakry). My joy is immense in this journey with God.

Responsible team

Vedely Jean Valentin HABA, Country Manager

Ernest Dakemou KPOGHOMOU +224 628 29 70

Emmanuel Fassa WAMOUNO +224 622 39 50

Jean-Baptiste ZOGBELEMOU +224 627 26 85


Vedely Jean Valentin HABA +224628 43 82 58 –

Fondacio Training Institute

IFF Africa wants to be a “talent revealer” at the service of a more humane world.

Economic context

Sometimes called a “geological scandal”, Guinea has immense hydrographic wealth (“water tower of Africa”), a rich mineral potential (a third of the world’s reserves of bauxite, gold, diamonds, iron, manganese, zinc, cobalt, nickel, uranium) largely under-exploited.

The Guinean economy, hard hit by the Ebola epidemic (deaths by 2,544 out of 3,813 between 2014 and 2016) is showing positive signs of recovery.

After two years of almost stagnant GDP, growth resumed in 2016 (+5.2%) and consolidated in 2019 (+5.9%). The country also successfully completed a program with the IMF for the first time in its history (adoption of the eighth and final review in October 2016). A new three-year program (2018-2020) for a $650 million non-concessional loan under the Extended Credit Facility was concluded with the IMF in December 2017.

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