Entertaining summer with Biblioteca Los Almendros

During the second half of January, Biblioteca Los Almendros developed its programme: Encuentros de Verano Entretenido, which was dedicated to travelling around Chile and travelling with the imagination and creativity that characterise this programme of Fondacio, different corners and landscapes of the country, bringing children closer to the respect and care for the environment and its current problems.

Despite the limitations imposed by the pandemic care measures, a small group of children and adults gathered on Monday 11 January in the central park of Centro los Almendros to take advantage of the open air and give a "big breath of fresh air".

In a second meeting on Monday 18 January, with a rap rhythm and 17 "travellers", the destination was Petorca where they learned about the water problem in this region of the country. Organised in groups, the children searched for and found the verses hidden in the park to put together the verses and chant the rap together: "Drop by drop the water is running out, the rivers are drying up, the fish are bouncing!" There was enthusiasm, joy and lots of energy!


Biblioteca Los AlmendrosBiblioteca Los AlmendrosBiblioteca Los Almendros

Finally, on Monday 1st February, the cycle ended with a trip to the north of Chile, where the group of children were able to see the constellations of the heavens together with the legend "Yacana". Together, they deciphered interesting hieroglyphs that read: "light pollution", a topic to learn about and discuss...

Biblioteca Los Almendros thus closed its activities to enter the holiday period of its team during February and resume activities in March if the conditions allow it.