Fair of Services for Migrants and Chileans in Street Situation

In this opportunity we received more than 150 people from 8:30 hrs. in the morning until 3:30 p.m. to which they were offered various services of shower, clothes, hairdressing, nursing and above all time to share a day of great joy, dancing, singing, games and delicious food to enjoy.

This fair together with considering a series of offers to manage specific demands and needs of the street population, also seeks to be a place for reflection, dialogue, meeting and individual and collective empowerment.

The objective is to comprehensively address people in street situations, who are exposed to physical and social deterioration faster than the rest of the population, being necessary to receive them with a service attention that dignifies their condition, considering from basic needs to those more specific such as health care, social orientation, legal and labor, among others.

Generate a space for recreation, interaction, training and citizen participation, which allows people in street situations to become socially active subjects.

It also seeks to promote networking, establish inter-institutional alliances, strategic collaborations and active solidarity of various social actors, for the benefit of comprehensive and quality care.

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