Fighting adult illiteracy with AsFoToDe

Fighting adult illiteracy with Asfotode

The address is well known to all the inhabitants of Assomé, in the prefecture of Zio in Togo,

Every Tuesday and Thursday, more than 30 men and women go to the literacy centre. They are motivated by a single ambition, to take literacy classes. 

In Togo, according to the 2011 MICS survey, illiteracy affects about 43.3% of young people and adults aged 15 to 44, or 977,000 people, more than two-thirds of whom are women (670,000).

Even though this report is almost a decade old, this problem is still relevant. Thus, AsfoToDe, an agro-pastoral project that has been present in the region for several years, has initiated literacy courses through its education pole, which respond to the thirst of these men and women to learn the language of Molière despite their advanced age.

"There is no age to learn," said André Giordan.

For a long time they remained illiterate either because of lack of financial means from their parents or because of prejudices that used to prevent women from going to school (they were said to be made for "housework"), they did not hesitate to seize this opportunity that was given to them.

Beyond this thirst to learn to read, write and count, they are driven by the desire to be able to follow and help their children at home.
All this would not have been possible without the will, the determination of these people who were willing to give their time to pass on this knowledge.

AsFoToDe is located in Assomé and wants to work for a sustainable, integral and harmonious development of the area with a healthy and fulfilled population.

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Article By Sylvain Kalem ASSIRIMI