Fondacio celebrates 40 years in Africa!

Strongly present in Benin through sessions for couples, young people, as well as development projects, the community celebrated this anniversary in the North of the Country, in Natitingou, where Fondacio arrived 33 years ago.

3 days of conferences and meetings with the most engaged people of the country. The opportunity to meet, and work on new common directions. 
"We are servants engaged together. Moving forward. We must go to the borders, we are invited to join the world. ". This is how François Prouteau, president of Fondacio visiting Africa, invited Fondacio Benin to continue his action. In the same vein, the Bishop of Natitingou, Bishop Antoine Sabi Bio, as his predecessor 33 years ago, strongly encouraged the community to continue on this path.

The party continued in Lomé on Sunday, August 24, when Fondacio Togo and 400 friends, many of whom had been there since its debut in the country 27 years ago, celebrated a colorful birthday. The party was held at the ANGE center, a flagship project of Fondacio, which works to reintegrate street children. NGO partners such as BICE (Catholic International Children's Bureau), RESAEV (Network of Reception Facilities for Vulnerable Children of Togo), traditional leaders and many friends were present to remember the progress made and continue together the road.

On these two anniversaries, the slogans for the future were clearly expressed through the words of Pope Francis in Evangeli Gaudium, which invites us to "take the initiative, get involved, accompany, bear fruit and celebrate. So many terms that push for action!

"Get up, take your cot and walk".

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