Fondacio Chile : 100 boxes and more than 100 gifts

For many families, 2020 was a year full of challenges and difficulties that stretched their pockets to the limit. Therefore, Claro Chile, together with Fondacio Chile, made a new delivery of food boxes to support 100 families in the commune of Huechuraba, to deliver joy, relief and love.

These boxes contained everything needed for daily life in the home. Each boxes had a value of about 50 thousand pesos. In addition, more than 100 toys were delivered so that the children could have a fun Christmas.

Fondacio Chile

The award ceremony took place with 10 people, in the central park of the Foundation's premises, among whom the Manager of Claro, some collaborators. A representative of the families was also present,  very grateful for those present, emphasizing that "these boxes arrived at the right time".

After the event, volunteers went to deliver some boxes to the homes of these 100 families, who received them with smiles and open arms.

Fondacio Chile

Previously, Claro Chile and Fondacio Chile, carried out a campaign to deliver food boxes to 100 families between June and September. This campaign meant a great support for the families who were having the worst time in the pandemic.