Fondacio Chile: Celebrating Children's Rights Day!

Neither quarantine nor remoteness was enough of an impediment to celebrate Children's Rights Day at Biblioteca Los Almendros (BLA)in Chile . More than 50 children gathered last Sunday, August 16, through the Zoom platform, to share and carry out the different activities that the team of professionals and volunteers of the BLA had prepared for the occasion.

The meeting was entitled "We are a Big Family" and there was time to talk, play and, of course, listen to a story: "Family Secrets", an intervention by the BLA team, which allowed the children to express fun aspects of their families and how they live the quarantine in their homes.

An important moment was the creation of the mask with the secret faces of the quarantine, a playful way of expressing the different emotions that this experience has awakened in the children, which will undoubtedly be recorded for the rest of their lives.

This world date, an initiative of Unicef, seeks to emphasize non-discrimination, the best interest of the child, the right to survival and development, and the child's opinion.

Non-discrimination means that all children have the same right to develop their potential, all, in all situations, all the time and everywhere.

Children's Rights Day chile