Fondacio in Chile is committedwith SENADIS to the professional integration of people with disabilities

Wednesday, April 18 - The national director of SENADIS (Chile), Daniel Concha, participated this morning at the 3rd Round Table "Integration is the task of all" organized by FONDACIO, the Faculty of Business and Business of the Diego Portales University and the CEBRA Corporation. During the event, the head of department deepened the importance of creating spaces of participation in the world of work, thanks to the law on professional insertion.
The purpose of the activity was to encourage a conversation between the roundtable participants, including HR managers, CSR and corporate management, and officials from the same Diego Portales University, to dispel doubts about the recent implementation of the law on vocational integration.

It should be mentioned that FONDACIO is an international Christian community that brings together believers (Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants) in an ecumenical spirit. Since 2006, they have the FONDACIO Horticultural Professional Center, which is part of the Fondacio social development project.

Thanks to the initiative of a multidisciplinary team of community members, the center offers a complete rehabilitation alternative through horticultural therapy, aimed at adults with physical or mental disabilities, belonging to vulnerable socio-economic groups.

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